๐ŸŽฎGame Mechanics

The emergence of AVM marks a pivotal shift in the Bitcoin ecosystem, ushering in an unprecedented era. To facilitate this transition, we have earmarked 10,000 Quarkduck NFTs as the vanguards of AFT distribution within the Atomicals community. The primary aim is to commence the allocation of AFT points prior to the finalization of AVM's development, ensuring a seamless automatic distribution upon its official launch.

Game Mechanics:

1. A finite collection of 10,000 Quarkduck NFTs exists, each serving dual roles as a Profile Picture (PFP) and an NFT miner.

2. Distribution of Quarkduck NFTs to the Atomicals community members will be executed via Dmint.

3. The designation for AFT, tentatively dubbed "Quarkduck Points," is pending finalization. A grand total of 210 billion tokens will be up for grabs(Tentatively decided). Quarkduck NFTs will mine statistical points across 10,000 blocks, with token allocation proportionate to the accrued points.

4. Mining commences from the inception of each Quarkduck NFT. Concurrent with the generation of each Bitcoin block, Quarkduck Points will be awarded to Quarkduck NFT holders, ceasing after 10,000 blocks.

5. The accumulation of Quarkduck Points is progressiveโ€”the greater the number of Quarkduck NFTs one possesses, the larger the reward. There are no restrictions on the quantity of Quarkduck NFTs a single address can hold.

6. Quarkduck Points distribution will manifest in four variants: flat, incentive-based, random, and boosted.

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