Learn about the complete Quarkduck character series.

The total supply of Quarkduck is 10,000, divided into 10 series.


Series SupplySeries Introduction

Alien Duck


These ducks from distant planets possess unknown abilities due to experiencing bizarre quantum events. Their powers allow them to freely traverse any corner of the universe, unlocking the cosmos's deepest secrets, challenging our understanding of conventional physical laws.

Basic Duck


Lacking extravagant superpowers, Basic Ducks symbolize resilience and perseverance. With their indomitable spirit, they show that even the most ordinary beings can grow in adversity, becoming an indispensable force.

Cool Duck


Cool Ducks are known for their independence and confidence. They remain calm under any circumstances, and their sharp insights and excellent strategies make them a core force in any team.

Fashion Duck


Fashion Ducks are not only trendsetters but also symbols of innovation in the multiverse. Through continuous self-transformation, they influence the world around them, encouraging other life forms to boldly express themselves.

Ice Duck


Born in the cold ice and snow world, Ice and Snow Ducks have the superpower to control ice and snow. They can summon blizzards, create ice walls for defense, and even produce snowflakes in hot environments. Ice and Snow Ducks can protect themselves from harm and use natural elements to support their allies.

Pure Duck


Pure Ducks, with their pure hearts, have the ability to purify their surroundings. Their presence brings peace and clarity to a chaotic world, healing those hearts infected by darkness. Pure Ducks have the power to purify all negative energy, bringing hope and light to the beings in the universe.

Rainbow Duck


Rainbow Ducks, with their dazzlingly colorful feathers, always bring happiness and hope to their surroundings. These ducks can utilize the power of rainbows for healing and protection, their magic can enhance allies' strength while dispelling gloom, allowing light to shine on lost lands again.

Random Duck


The hallmark of Random Ducks is their unpredictability, with each Random Duck possessing a unique combination of abilities. Their presence challenges conventional strategies and plans, as you never know what magical abilities a Random Duck will display next, bringing unexpected turns to the team.

Robot Duck


Machine Duck: Machine Ducks are ruthless war machines made of advanced metallic materials. Equipped with cutting-edge weaponry and capable of executing tactics efficiently on the battlefield, their ruthlessness and precision make them terrifying opponents, showcasing the cold beauty of technological power.

Wizard Duck


Witch Ducks, endowed with witchcraft abilities, use their profound knowledge and magic to guide and protect. Their wisdom, like ancient magic flowing through the universe, provides light and direction for the Quark Duck legion's journey.

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