1. Quarkduck Mint Plan Details: The total supply of Quarkduck NFTs is 10K, with 9400 available for public minting. The founding team reserves 500, of which 100 are donated to the Atomicals Protocol team. The mint will occur in two phases.

    • Phase 1: Whitelist and airdrop address list minting

      • Quantity: 7000

      • Start Time: Block height of DMint start ~ DMint block height + 144 blocks (24 hours)

      • Cost: Free (only requires Bitcoin network fees)

      • Users on the address list need to obtain a JSON file from the official website after the mint starts and complete minting within 144 blocks. Whitelist addresses are locked in advance (meaning whitelist addresses can obtain an NFT by completing mint within 144 blocks), while airdrop addresses are first-come-first-serve (if the number of airdrop addresses exceeds the quantity of Quarkducks, players who mint first can obtain an NFT). The JSON file will be bound to an address upon retrieval, making it unavailable to other users. However, if you do not complete minting within 144 blocks, the file will be released.

    • Phase 2: Public minting phase

      • Quantity: 2400

      • Start Time: After the end of Phase 1

      • Cost: 555 Quark + Bitcoin network fees

      • After Phase 1 ends, all Quarkduck NFTs not minted in the first phase will be available for minting, with an additional 2400 Quarkduck NFT JSON files released to the public.

  2. How to join the whitelist and airdrop address list?

    • Participate in whitelist lotteries via Twitter KOLs or community activities.

    • Join the official Twitter airdrop for quality content creators. DM the official Quarkduck Twitter with your bc1p address.

  3. How to check if your address is on the whitelist or airdrop list?

    • Quarkduck's official website has launched a whitelist check feature. Visit https://quarkduck.com/verifier to see if your address is listed.

  4. If my address is on the list, will I receive the airdrop directly in my wallet?

    • No, you need to participate in DMint to obtain the NFT. Visit the DMint tutorial page for guidance.

  5. Must I use the listed address to participate in Mint?

    • No, addresses on the whitelist and airdrop list during Phase 1 are only for downloading the corresponding Quarkduck JSON file. After downloading, you can use any bc1p address for minting.

  6. If my address is on the list, is minting guaranteed?

    • Not guaranteed. If your whitelist is obtained through a lottery or quality content creator program, you have 144 blocks to complete minting. If your address is part of the airdrop list, you need to download the JSON file from the official website and complete minting on a first-come-first-serve basis (successful download means temporarily exclusive access to that file).

  7. Can I still mint if my address is not on the list?

    • Yes, there are two possibilities:

      • If the 7000 slots in Phase 1 are not fully minted, you can mint the remaining part for free.

      • In Phase 2, 2400 Quarkducks are available for minting, but you need to prepare 555 Quarks in advance to participate. Visit the DMint tutorial page for guidance.

  8. Preparation for public minting users:

    • Install the Wizz wallet plugin.

    • Purchase at least 555 Quarks (available on Atomicals Market / Bitatom).

    • Prepare some BTC for gas fees.

  9. Preparation for whitelist and airdrop list minting:

    • Install the Wizz wallet plugin.

    • Prepare some BTC for gas fees.

  10. When will Quarkduck start minting?

    • Minting is expected to start on March 18, but the exact time will be announced officially. Follow the official Twitter and community messages for updates.

Additional Information:

  • If everything goes smoothly, Quarkduck will open for minting and JSON file download on March 18. (The JSON file contains image data)

  • The Wizz Wallet team is developing a dedicated minting page to ensure service stability and prevent downtime and JSON file leaks.

  • PoW functionality requires the use of the Wizz plugin wallet.

  • On the minting page, you can use Wizz Wallet/OKX/Unisat wallets for login and authentication, obtain a JSON file, and directly jump to the minting page without the need to download and upload the JSON file separately.

  • If you prefer not to mix wallet addresses, you can authenticate and download the JSON file first, then use another address's Wizz wallet to upload the JSON file before minting.

  • The Cloud Mining service from Wizz.cash allows participation in minting from mobile phones (use the OKX app, go to the discovery tab, enter the mint page URL, and select the Cloud Mining button). Note: Cloud Mining may incur a small service fee.

  • JSON file distribution is random and based on a first-come-first-served rule. If you are on the whitelist but not in front of a computer, you can first get the JSON file via mobile, then mint from a computer within approximately 24 hours.

  • If you have obtained the JSON file and it hasn't been leaked, you have 144 blocks to mint (about 24 hours).

  • If you're not on the whitelist but wish to mint, you can prepare some Quark in advance and participate in the public minting phase.

  • Whitelist check address: https://quarkduck.com/verifier

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