🧑‍🏫Whitelist Mint Tutorial

Mint Process Flowchart and Tutorial

Please refer to the flowchart first to determine if your address is on the whitelist. If your address is on the whitelist, you can participate in the first phase of FreeMint. Click on the Mint tutorial to understand the Mint process. Then refer to the flowchart to choose the Mint method that suits you.

Note: This part follows the principle of first-come, first-served. After activation, you need to connect your wallet as soon as possible. The system will randomly bind the image. There are only 7000 available slots, allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, with a lock-in period of 144 blocks.

There are 3 Mint methods, namely "Mint Now," "Cloud Mint," and "Download JSON." Corresponding Mint tutorials, please click:

Whitelist Mint Tutorial

  1. Open the official Mint page and click on the wallet connection (the Mint page address will be released when activated at height 835,218, please follow the official announcement and do not click on other unknown links).

  1. There are three Mint methods available: "Mint Now," "Cloud Mint," and "Download JSON."

Mint Now Process

  1. Click on the "Mint Now" button for Direct Mint. In the pop-up window, agree to the terms of use and click "I Understand."

  1. Confirm the Mint information, select the GasFee, and click the "Mint Quarkduck" button.

  1. Confirm whether the fee is correct, click "Next," then click "Sign All" to confirm. Once the transaction is successful, wait for block confirmation to receive the Quarkduck NFT.

Cloud Mint Process

  1. Click on the "Cloud Mint" button for Cloud Mint.

  1. Select the appropriate GasFee, click "Confirm" to execute Cloud Mint, and click "Sign Transaction" to proceed to signing.

  1. Click "Sign" to complete Mint.

Download JSON Mint Process

  1. Click on the "Download JSON" button to download the JSON file.

  1. Open the Wizz plugin wallet, click on the "Mint" button.

  1. On the newly opened Mint page, click on "DMint," enter "quarkduck," click "Click or drag file to this area to upload" to add the downloaded JSON file, then select GasFee, and finally click Mint. Follow the Direct Mint process to complete the signing.

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