We are the guardians of the lakeside, dream chasers of the sky; we are ducks.

Within our feathers lies the honest glow, our bones are forged with the power of integrity. In our world, there's no room for lies. Every quack is a true echo of our souls; every flight, a yearning for freedom.

We stand firmly on the ground with our feet, whether trudging through mud or braving the storm, we keep moving forward. For we know, only by staying grounded can dreams take root and flourish.

We stand for peace, wave the flag of love; among us, there's no fighting, no attacking, only mutual support and warm vigilance. We believe that harmonious coexistence is the cornerstone of building a beautiful home.

Though our wings aren't as sharp as an eagle's, and our flights may not be as grand as a swallow's, our spirits are free, and our dreams are boundless. In the vast skies, we fly high in our own way.

We bravely explore unknown territories, are keen on learning, continuously enriching ourselves. We dream not only of becoming symbols of wealthโ€”"rich ducks"โ€”but also aspire to attain richness in wisdom and spirit.

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