👩‍🏫Public Mint Tutorial

0-599 Quarkduck NFTs:

Reserved for project parties and Atomicals official. Non-project and official Mint require payment of BTC for Mint.

600-7599 Quarkduck NFTs:

Reserved for whitelist Quarkducks. If not successfully minted during the whitelist and airdrop address Mint phase, they are eligible for FreeMint during the public Mint phase. Refer to the whitelist Mint tutorial for Mint instructions.

7600-9999 Quarkduck NFTs:

Available for public Mint, requiring payment of 555 Quark for Mint.

Mint Tutorial:

  1. Open the official Mint page and click "Connect Wallet" (the Mint page address will be released when the height reaches 835218, please pay attention to official announcements, and do not click on other unknown links).

  1. Click the "Public Mint" button.

  1. Choose an unminted Quarkduck NFT, click the button to proceed with local Mint or cloud Mint, and complete the first step of Gas payment.

  1. Wait for the "PENDING" status to end and confirm the transaction after 4 block confirmations. Open the Wizz plugin wallet, click on the "Payments: 1 immediate" reminder above, and click the "Pay" button.

  1. After confirming the information (10 atom for test environment and 555 quark for mainnet), select the GasFee and click the "Pay Now" button. Upon successful payment, wait for the transaction to be confirmed, indicating a successful Mint.

Additional Mint Rules:

  1. When Minting 0-599 and 7600-9999 Quarkduck NFTs, the first payment is for Gas fees to determine payment priority, and the second payment of 555 Quark is the actual payment.

  2. When multiple addresses Mint the same NFT in the same block, the priority of Quark payments for that NFT is determined by the first BTC payment for Gas. For example, if addresses A, B, and C Mint NFT 8888 in block 834100, and A pays 39 sat/vB for Gas, B pays 45 sat/vB, and C pays 35 sat/vB, then address B has priority for NFT 8888.

  3. After block 834100, the address with payment priority (B in this case) can make priority payments in the following 5 blocks. If address B successfully pays 555 Quark during these 5 blocks and the block confirms, NFT 8888 belongs to address B. Payments of 555 Quark from lower priority addresses in blocks 834101-834105 are invalid, and these Quarks are paid to the receiving address of NFT 8888.

  4. If address B does not complete the payment of 555 Quark in the following 5 blocks, other addresses that paid Gas with BTC can compete with address B for NFT in the 6th block, i.e., block 834106. The address that completes the payment of 555 Quark first in this case owns NFT 8888.

  5. If address B obtains payment priority for NFT in block 834100 and does not complete the payment of 555 Quark in the following 15 blocks (must be confirmed), it is considered to abandon the NFT. No Quark payments can be made in the 16th block.

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