🎮Game of Ducks

Game of Ducks is a derivative collection from Quarkduck, totaling 21,000 pieces, freely airdropped to Quarkduck supporters and premium NFT Merlin stakers. Holders of Game of Ducks will be eligible for future runes and ARC-20 airdrops.

Background Story

In ancient times, the Duck King's brilliance enveloped the entire world. His wisdom and power established a prosperous kingdom, the Kingdom of Glory. The civilization and technology of this kingdom reached unprecedented heights, with its people living in peace and happiness. However, all prosperity came to an abrupt halt when the Duck King inadvertently enraged the gods. In their wrath, the gods sank the entire kingdom underground, turning it to ashes and leaving only legends to circulate in the world.

Thousands of years later, in the bustle of modern society, a bustling city was suddenly shocked by an accident. The ground collapsed with a loud bang, revealing a mysterious underground entrance. Explorers, archaeologists, and curious citizens flocked to this entrance, hoping to glimpse the secrets beneath. According to legend, this was the entrance to the forgotten Kingdom of Glory.

However, it was soon discovered that not everyone could easily enter this underground city. Ancient magical barriers protected the kingdom's secrets, and only the bravest Swordsmen, most learned Mages, and strongest Barbarians forming an adventurers' squad could unlock the secrets of the barrier and venture deep into the dungeon. Yet, there's another legend that if the royal descendants of the Duck King could be found, their bloodline would possess special abilities, meeting all the requirements of the dungeon for adventurers.

Thus, an unprecedented adventure began. Adventurers searched everywhere for the royal descendants, hoping to use their bloodline power to unveil the mysteries of the Kingdom of Glory. Heroes from all over responded to the call, forming powerful teams ready to explore the dungeon.

In this adventure, the warriors would face unknown dangers, ancient curses, and possible endless treasures. They would traverse dark underground passages, explore forgotten palaces, and mysterious ruins. In this process, they would not only fight monsters in the dungeon but also solve ancient puzzles to find the path to the heart of the kingdom.

As the adventure deepened, they would gradually uncover the truth behind the sinking of the Duck King's kingdom and the secrets hidden behind the royal descendants. In this underground world filled with magic and miracles, every decision could change their fate, and every choice could lead them to glory or ruin.

This is the story of the dungeon adventure, filled with ancient legends, mysterious powers, and endless exploration. And it all begins with that mysterious entrance to the underground, and the legendary journey of a group of brave adventurers.

Adventurers' Squad Professions


Swordsmen excel in close combat, wielding sharp longswords and wearing flexible armor. On the battlefield, they are usually at the forefront, protecting their teammates with their exceptional swordsmanship and outstanding combat skills, inflicting lethal blows on the enemy.


Mages wield powerful magical forces, capable of inflicting ranged damage on enemies with various elemental spells or enhancing their teammates with beneficial magic. Although physically weaker, the presence of mages can significantly alter the course of battle. Their magic is key to overcoming obstacles and solving problems.


Barbarians are known for their strength and endurance, often equipped with heavy shields, serving as the team's Main Tank (MT). They can cause massive chaos and destruction on the battlefield while defending against fierce enemy attacks. Barbarians' combat style is direct and savage, drawing enemy attention to give their teammates opportunities to strike.

Adventurers' Squad Formation

Any three adventurers of different professions can form a powerful adventurer squad, and only a complete adventurer squad can take on adventure missions, and each wallet address will ultimately only have one complete adventurer squad in effect. Each adventurer profession has seven different attributes: light, water, dark, fire, earth, lightning, wind.

Different attributes can affect and promote each other. Three adventurers with different attributes can form a specific formation, thus providing a combat power boost to the entire adventurers' squad.

The formation attribute boost rules are as follows:

The more connections between attributes, the greater the formation's power.

High-level Formation: Three attributes connected two by two, forming a stable triangular structure, can exert five times the power of a Low-level Formation. Examples: 035, 056, 156, etc.

Mid-level Formation: One attribute connects to the other two, can exert three times the power of a Low-level Formation. Examples: 306, 456, 154, etc.

Low-level Formation: Other formations besides High-level and Mid-level formations. Examples: 041, 236, 062, etc.

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