🚀Launch Plan

The total supply of Quarkduck NFTs is 10K, with 9400 available for public minting. The founding team reserves 500 (#0~#499), of which 100 are donated to the Atomicals Protocol team (#500~#599). The minting will take place in two stages.

First Stage: Whitelist and airdrop address list Mint

  • Quantity: 7000 (#600~#7599)

  • Start time: Block height at the start of DMint ~ Block height at DMint + 144 blocks (24 hours)

  • Cost: Free. (Only Bitcoin network fees required)

Second Stage: Public Mint Stage

  • Quantity: 2400 (#7600~#9999)

  • Start time: After the first stage ends

  • Cost: 555 Quark + Bitcoin network fees

After the first stage ends, all Quarkduck NFTs not minted in the first stage will be made available for minting, and an additional 2400 Quarkduck NFT JSON files will be opened to the public.

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